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Animal Cell Culture Techniques


Microbial Techniques

Stem Cell Culture

Introduction to Cyanobacteria

Industrial Biotechnology

Laboratory Animal Techniques

Plant Tissue Culture

Anticancer studies

Application of zebra fishes in biotechnology


Biosynthesis and biomedical application of nanoparticles

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MTT assay



Western blotting

Isolation of primary cells

Stem cells


Anti-microbial activity

Online Certificate Course in Cell Culture Techniques

We are happy to introduce the online-based certification course in cell culture techniques! It will help the students, scholars and faculties from both academia and industries can utilize their lockdown time in a beneficial way!!

Cell culture is an important technique for studying the normal physiology and biochemistry of cells. In order to understand an organism, it is important to understand how its cells work. Through cell culture, this becomes possible. Whatever is learned about the cells in vitro is representative of what is happening to the organism/tissue. This makes cell culture significantly important for vaccine development, screening (drugs etc), and diagnosis of given diseases/conditions. Having a good understanding of what the procedure is meant to achieve, it becomes easier to prepare the culture with the right components.

Scope of the course

This certificate course is designed to prepare you to understand the laboratory cell culture techniques. You’ll also learn basic methods for passaging, freezing, thawing cultured cells, laboratory set-up, safety, and aseptic techniques, etc. Upon the successful completion of this course, you will have a basic understanding of the principles and practice of cell culture that you can immediately apply to your research projects.

Topics to be Covered:

1. Maintenance of cultures (adherent and suspension, primary cells, etc)

2. Transfection

3. Determination of cell growth and viability

4. Mycoplasma testing

5. Isolation of Primary cells (PBMCs)

6. MTT assay

7. Preparation of media and types

7. Preparation of media and types

9. Cell count and viability (trypan blue)

10. Determination of confluency

11. Importance of Tissue culture

12.Importance of sterility and types of sterilizationy

13. Do's & don'ts in a Tissue culture lab

14. Applications of Cells/Tissue culture

15. Freezing and revival of cells

Duration: 10 days


Students with Lifesciences backgrounds, Faculties from Academia and Industries (M.Sc., B.Tech., M.Tech., M.Phil., B.Pharm., M.Pharm., B.E., M.E., M.D., and Ph.D., etc)

Scoring pattern:

Assignment submission on-time – 50 %

Examination – 35 %

Active participation in learning – 15 %

Course Fee For Students: Rs. 2500/-

others: Rs. 3500/-

Mode of study

*Completely online mode of study

Cell culture lessons with practical experiments and question papers will be sent through your email ID. Online webinar will be conducted weekly once with live demonstrations.

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